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Grab this Comprehensive Guide to Sourcing Wholesale, Trade Shows, Closeouts and More

The number one question we hear from other sellers is “Where do I find inventory for my business?”

If you sell online let me ask you this.....

Are you tired of trekking from store to store to find quality inventory to sell?

When you do find good inventory, are you tired of other sellers dropping the prices to a point that it's no longer profitable?

Would you like to find sources for inventory that you can replenish over and over?

Do you wish you could pick up the phone or send an email to place an order and never even have to touch that inventory?

If you're ready to take your business to the next level then Beyond Arbitrage is for you.

In Beyond Arbitrage, John Bullard Sr and Ryan Reger lay out exactly how to find quality wholesale sources of inventory.

You will learn:

  • Everything about wholesale inventory from how to find it and what you'll need to buy it
  • The exact process that John uses to prepare for a trade show
  • Exactly what to say and not to say to a vendor at a trade show
  • Other sources of wholesale inventory you might not expect
  • How to outsource your inventory sourcing
  • How to find inventory for 50-75% off wholesale!!
  • How wholesale sourcing can open up doors of inventory and incredible opportunities including but not limited to closeouts, exclusives, and private label opportunities

Here is what Jim CockrumSkip McGrath and other well known experts say about Beyond Arbitrage:

If you are smart you'll take the lessons and strategies you are about to learn from these two and you'll apply them to your life and business. You've got two incredible experts who are about to pull back the curtains and reveal how they find virtually unlimited streams of profitable inventory - it's a skill that will set you up financially for life if you'll pay attention.

Jim Cockrum
Jim Cockrum

Beyond Arbitrage can help you escape from having to spend half your days shopping for goods to sell and show you how and where you can source new merchandise to sell.  So when you run out all you do is call or email your supplier and order more.

Skip McGrath
Skip McGrath

Beyond Arbitrage by John Bullard and Ryan Reger will certainly open your eyes to leveraging your time and scaling your online business.  They not only share lots of useful tips and strategies on a wide array of inventory sourcing opportunities, they back it up with real world examples from their own experiences.
I personally found several "a-ha moments" when reading through their chapters on finding wholesalers, working trade shows, and setting up exclusives!  Plus, they provide the reader with several conduits to resources to assist you in locating product and automating your business.
I highly recommend this book for any seller looking to go "beyond arbitrage" and explore the profitable realm of trade show and wholesale sourcing.

Jay Bayne
Jay Bayne Scanner Monkey

This book is the first one I have read that covers virtually every aspect of the vast array of sourcing options and business models available to all of us that sell online. It has information that is suited for beginning sellers as well as seasoned professionals.
Ryan Reger's breakdown of The Pyramid of Inventory Sourcing is a stroke of brilliant simplicity. It makes what can be a confusing myriad of sourcing options very easy to understand.
John Bullard Sr.'s information on step-by-step trade show navigation is invaluable. I wish I had this information before I attended my first trade show, ASD Las Vegas, in March 2014.
Both authors provide personal stories that will inspire you to succeed. They want you to be successful selling online just as they have been.
Congratulations to both of you on a fantastic, well written book!

Duane Malek
Duane Malek Fast Turn Radio

I just finished reading your new book, BeyondArbitrage.
A wealth of information and just good "need to know" stuff.
Very readable, understandable and down to earth.Unlocking all the streams of possibilities with a wealth of information and knowledge provided by the two authors: John & Ryan.

Since I have been speaking on sourcing at events recently, I can honestly say, this book would have been great to give out to the attendees!

Not overdone, just the right amount of reading to get you going and making money today!

Bob Willey
Bob Willey